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Hello to all,I'm new



Favorite movie by TB:Batman

Favorite scene in TNBC:I love the ending,how Sally finally admits her feelings to Jack thrugh song.

I strongly feel that this movie should be made into a musical.I can't believe I waited till today to join this community.I've been a fan since '95 or '96,that was the first time i was actually able to watch parts of it.My sister wasn't fond of it,so she changed the channel.And ever since then I had been wondering what the name of the movie was called.Up until 7 years ago I found out the name but never really knew anybody who had it.So 4 years ago I finally saw the whole thing,after my aunt got directv and I was able to watch it.I saw it on Saturday,and I loved it because it was the first time I saw it the theaters.I know,it may seem that I am a newbish fan,but I've really like it for about 10 years.
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