Chieko (hunter_c) wrote in jacks_obsession,

Hallo! :D

Name: Amanda
Age: 14... I think...
Favorite movie by Tim Burton: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite scene in The Nightmare Before Christmas: Hm... lets see... Perhaps when Jack decides that he wants to have Christmas in Halloween Town. You know, when he decides that he can make a better Christmas.

Well, I just want to say hello to everyone here. I think that Tim Burton is one of the best film makers of our time, or at least that's what I think. Pay no attention to me. I'm just babbleing.

I can't wait till Tim Burton's next movie comes out: The Corpse Bride. Ooooh! It looks so good! I want to see it!!! X___X It's a stop-motion movie. Gosh, it must take so long to make a movie like that. But I think that it'll be worth the wait when it comes out. :D
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